Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea

warning: random post ahead

I feel like life is getting away from me.
Like I need to run at full speed to catch up with it.

I guess I better start.

I just want the people I love to be happy no matter what. It really gets to me when they're not. I'm told that's a fault in my personality.

Saturday night felt very weird to me. I just felt uneasy and disgusting the whole time. The way some people were behaving just made me sick.
not to mention the overabundance of awkward moments.
I wonder if that's what the boardwalk is always like and I'm just never sober enough to realize it.

i need more money. They're giving me the runaround at work and won't train me on sales and I really need that extra cash. Ugh. So stressed.

We go to vegas in a little over a week. we can't afford it. ugh

i still need to finish unpacking... alone....
god forbid i get some help with that

anyway... i'm going to the gym since apparently i am "getting out of my prime and slightly overweight"

what a douche.

Saturday night was weird.

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