Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"She was a proximity infatuation" (Jason Lee)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Curisve - "Mama, I'm Swollen"

"I'm at my best when I'm at my worst
I'm at worst when it's not rehearsed
I don't wanna know the goddamn words
I don't wanna have to spell it out
Don't wanna mumble what i'm trying to say
I wanna scream it from my foaming mouth
Shoot out the lights and ride away

I'm at my worst when I'm at my best
I'm at my best when I'm trying to look
And think and talk and sing and read and write
Like all the rest
We're all just trying to play our rolls
In a play that runs ad nauseam
I hate this damn enlightenment
We were better off as animals, right?"

Ok. So Cursive's latest effort, Mama, I'm Swollen, has been on the shelf for a couple of months now... But I feel as if everyone needs a reminder. When I heard that they were releasing a new album I was honestly a little skeptical. Many great artists that I have a lot of respect for have released some not so stellar albums in the past year.

Cursive, however, did not follow that trend.

Mama, I'm Swollen is easily front man, Tim Kasher's, best lyrical effort to date. He's always been great at weaving detailed, fairy tale-like stories into our current state of consciousness and at delivering heart stopping one-liners that stick with you all day. Kasher does not disappoint on this album. There are plenty of myspace taglines hiding throughout the album (guilty) as well as stories that are told so well you feel like you're there.

The whole album has a more mature, almost raw, feel in comparison to the bands previous release, Happy Hollow. The tracks range from songs about falling out of love, growing up, and seemingly their own career in music. The stand out tracks are the sultry song about sex vs love, "From The Hips", the driving yet somehow delicate song, "I Couldn't Love You Anymore", and the anguish filled song about Kasher's youth slipping away, "What Have I Done?" A more mature album for their now more mature fan base. At some points, I almost feel like Kasher penned a play-by-play of my life the past couple of years. But, I suppose thats the point.

I also was lucky enough to watch Cursive live at a local Sacramento venue, The Boardwalk. They were flawless live. I strongly recommend checking them out if they are ever in you're area.

Pick up Cursive's Mama, I'm Swollen. I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh July!

Hello world? How have you been lately?

Sorry I haven't been around. I hope you haven't missed me.
I've been busy trying to claw my way back to the top.

In the month of July I...

...celebrated the 4th of July with some good buddies and an AWESOME firework display. Ha

...turned the big 2-5 and had a nice dinner with my girls (and andrew and chris)

...had an epic mardi gras themed birthday bash

...went camping with these characters... Dillon's Beach...

...and had an amazing time

Let's go camping. I can't. I'm stranded on a glorious boat in the middle of what I could swear on my life is a painting. Well now I'm pissed. Just don't leave without me, I'll be back in due time. Fine, you have till the hottest part of the day, then we're heading West. Ducky, I'll see you at my house.

...went to my sister bachelorette party...

...and played a game that required me to propose to someone at the restaurant. My sister (the bride to be) picked this guy. He denied me!

...then went to my sisters wedding

(professional photos soon!)

...drank a million of these bad boys.

...and also heard some amazing new music from an awesome band called Phoenix. ( I definitely recommend that everyone checks them out! My darling friend Zachhall introduced me to this band I and cannot stop playing their newest release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. It's perfect for all of your late summer BBQ's!

Until next time friends...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the bird that plucked the Olive Leaf
has been circling like a record 'round the spindle in my mind
where the needle's worn the grooves too deep,
and scratched the wax that's blistered from the heat besides
so from any movement in the room-
if my cat walked by the arm skipped!
but to my surprise, my interrupting cat improved
a sound already so severely compromised

the needle's worn the grooves too deep

I'm a donkey's jaw on a desert dune
beside the bust that Moses saw
that burned and yet was not consumed
she's the silver coin I lost,
I'm the sheep who slipped away
we pray the fingers crossed
but you listen patiently anyway

I wrote a little song for you
with a melody I'd borrowed put to words that didn't rhyme
to repeat what you already knew
as the stones thrown at your window tapped a syncopated time
you kept a distance out of fear you'd break
but what good's a single windchime, hanging quiet all alone?
the music our collisions would make
is a sound that turns the road-that-leads-us-back-home
into Home.

the music our collisions make!

I had a rust spade but I'm not the fighting sort
if I was Samson I'd have found that harlot's blade
and cut my own hair short!
then in a market dimly lit I come casually to pay
you see my coins are counterfeit
but accept them anyway

so spare me your goodbyes,
your waving-handkerchief-good-byes
given my tendency to err so on the sentimental side
i'll spare you my goodbyes,
the truth belongs to G-d,
the mistakes were mine.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have been quite the busy bee lately

and it's been faaantastic

i could use a day off though...  it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon

oh well!

hope all is well out there in blog land!

Monday, April 13, 2009