Monday, March 24, 2008

i won't always love these selfish things.

Sigur Ros
from ( )
Track 4

the song of the moment for me.

I did something drastic to try to get my head back on straight. I'm not sure it worked. I feel like I'm just fooling myself. If I keep telling myself that I want something enough maybe I'll start to believe it.

yeah maybe.

i'm lying through my teeth about anything that has to do with myself. anything that has to do with my feelings.
how can i have an answer to those questions when i don't even know?

i just hope i don't do something stupid before i'm back to feeling normal.

no matter how many hearts i break, i always break mine the most.

this weekend flipped my world upside down again. i never thought i would be betrayed by the person i was. looking back on it, i should have known better. Heeded my warnings.

you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20.

i should be used to this, i've been betrayed by so many of my friends i can't even keep track anymore. for some reason, it never gets easier.

don't ever question my trust issues ever again.

i guess this is goodbye.

i don't know.

story of my life.