Monday, January 19, 2009

my kingdom for a trundle bed

goddamn, it's a joke that you'll never forget,
there's no evidence of anything like it yet,
we imagined it me and my friends would get by
(pay the check, sneak back and call it a night)
Afraid to make a mistake?
don't you know i do it for a living?
i'm told it takes a toll but it's so unremitting
but as long as you leave me alone,
i promise i'll call and it won't be long.

(and you won't know why)

i know that i could leave everything, you never expressed to me any sort of idea that we'd grown apart. i'll go back and collect my belongings the rest will fit fine in my car. Secrets that nobody knows about, changes that hurt to let go.

It's my black eye swollen shut from tonight,
it looks bad but the pain has been dulled
do you mind if i sleep on your floor tonight?
i'll be gone in the morning
it's me, you'll forget that i'd come.
i could barely breathe
i was sucking air out of my crushed lungs
we were flying so fast down the road and i stretch my limbs on the floor of my house
i'd forgot we'd been here alone.

Trains bround us to the city when we were young we passed the country it was electric green and it spread apart tell me what nobody knows about. A hug and a smile and I'll see you soon, we were just passengers all along making our way to get by

I'll see you still,
we could be on our own.
I wanted the truth as simple as you could give it to me right now.
And still in the end,
it's good to hear your voice on my telephone.
I'll travel across the country and still end up on your front steps
the way that we first met...
I'm sorry I'm so