Sunday, January 27, 2008

i said from the start

that you could take it or leave it

i'd prefer that you keep it

so we're here

still no home of our own but it's in the works (cross your fingers for us... we're dying for our own place)

i've been kinda sad. i miss home and a lot of people in it, but i can feel great things are coming from all of this.

i'm still randomly excited.

go figure, i confuse even myself.

Sig and Mike are coming to visit us soon. I'm pretty excited about that....

ok really excited. i love those guys.

the drive was long. it took us 9 hours to get here. between accidents on the freeway (and the 5 being shut down in stockton for an hour and a half), driving through rain, no visability over the grapevine and jackass drivers, i'm surprised we made it at all.

but it was nice to have some time to myself to just think. Yes I drove by myself, no it is not the first time.

and there were random moments of beauty too.

not going to lie..... it's been raining on and off since we got here. Although it is still in the 60's during the day.

i would still appreciate some solid sunshine.

we went on a picnic yesterday. it was fun.

i guess that's all.

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