Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh July!

Hello world? How have you been lately?

Sorry I haven't been around. I hope you haven't missed me.
I've been busy trying to claw my way back to the top.

In the month of July I...

...celebrated the 4th of July with some good buddies and an AWESOME firework display. Ha

...turned the big 2-5 and had a nice dinner with my girls (and andrew and chris)

...had an epic mardi gras themed birthday bash

...went camping with these characters... Dillon's Beach...

...and had an amazing time

Let's go camping. I can't. I'm stranded on a glorious boat in the middle of what I could swear on my life is a painting. Well now I'm pissed. Just don't leave without me, I'll be back in due time. Fine, you have till the hottest part of the day, then we're heading West. Ducky, I'll see you at my house.

...went to my sister bachelorette party...

...and played a game that required me to propose to someone at the restaurant. My sister (the bride to be) picked this guy. He denied me!

...then went to my sisters wedding

(professional photos soon!)

...drank a million of these bad boys.

...and also heard some amazing new music from an awesome band called Phoenix. ( I definitely recommend that everyone checks them out! My darling friend Zachhall introduced me to this band I and cannot stop playing their newest release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. It's perfect for all of your late summer BBQ's!

Until next time friends...

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