Sunday, September 9, 2007

Livejournal is so overrated

I wonder how long it will take me to get bored with this... I saw Nicole signed up for a blog here so I thought "hey, might as well

hey..... might as well.

i came home from sunny socal last night. justine and i went on a little weekend getaway. it was nice. my time with brandon is valuable and any moment i get to spend with him is great. i should have pictures from the get away up on my myspace with the next couple of days.

socal was awesome, but it invoked a lot of thought. i'm ready to leave sacramento, well emotional ready. which is huge for me because i'm seriously considering leaving my home behind. this isn't going to happen immediately, i'm think more like late spring, early summer, but it is something i'm serious about.

the main thing holding me back is my career with the music industry. i would love to be able to move and still book shows here. ya know, let someone else run them, but no one is helping. i tried to launch 26 productions this summer and i had a few people on board willing to work and help and get it going.... it's been 2 months and only one of them is still doing their job. thanks troy.

honestly, i'm about to just get out of it. let everyone try to figure it out on their own, or scrap the ones i have working for me and start over with a new team.

yeah maybe i'll do that.

or maybe i'll give them all one more chance.

anyway, horse the band show tonight with justine. we're going to say hi to thriller. then it's off to relax and go to sleep early. i start my new job tomorrow.

oh yeah, i got the job at placer chiropractic. I'm going to be doing marketing and public relations. i hope i'm good at it. i'm a little nervous about the whole thing to be completely honest.

dear god, i just need the money.

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